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I'm sick...

I'm so sick of people who complain of how their life sucks. Not having the opposite sex isn't going to ruin your life. That B in your class, its just a letter. The zits on your nose won't go away and people don't accept you as being "emo".Just because he doesn't like you, your life doesn't suck. 

Everywhere i go, people are saying "my life sucks." Well too bad sweetie saying that isn't going to change anything. Why don't people try to change their lives any more. It's just been drawn down to the idea that if one thing goes wrong, your whole life is crap. I understand that many people are using it as a figure of speech, but still. Oh and I' m pretty sure the world isn't going to come crashing down on us any time soon because of your life.

Only when all of your friends are dead. You have malignant lumps growing out of every part of your body. Everyone that you once cared about his suffering. When the government decides that you have to pay more taxes then ever body else. The human society has decided that you are the 21st century's Hitler and your cat chokes and dies on its own hairball should you can really say that your life sucks. 

I'm sure i've used this term in my life before, so go ahead and call me a hypocrite


Well said, baby.

The only one allowed to say his life sucks is Gary Coleman.